Our Time

  • Age Range:  18 mos. to 3.5 yrs 
  • Class Structure: Once a week for 16 weeks
  • Class Length: 45 minute class each week
  • Tuition: $300 for 16 weeks – payment plans available see schedule (incl. home materials)
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time_for_music_divider_dotsOur Time classes encourage toddlers to be creative, initiate their own ideas and to respond their own ways. As they play instruments, sing, move and explore, they’ll uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self control and communication skills. What you and your child will experience in class

Variety of Music -Musical diversity promotes creativity and acceptance, and builds strong neural networks in a baby’s forming mind. In class you will listen, sing and move to songs, rhymes and sounds from all around the world.

Instrument Play – Exploration promotes intrigue and independence. In Village classes, children play with age appropriate, child-safe instruments that deepen their natural sense of rhythm. This helps develop a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sounds, and encourages spontaneity and creativity.

Dance – A classroom full of babies and parents (or care givers) dancing together with their child, helps a little body develop the muscle strength needed to crawl and walk and helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

Together Time – A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of “quality time,” offering the parent a place to create special memories with their child, gain new insights into their child’s development and nurture their child’s natural love of music.

Story Time and Early Literacy – Listening to stories enhances language and speech development, fosters awareness of sounds, stimulates fantasy and imagination, and encourages a child’s natural love of stories.

Learn more about current and upcoming sessions

Winter 2016: Fiddle-dee-dee (Jan 4th – April 29th)  Fiddle-dee-dee is where creatures of the animal kingdom, be they furry, web-footed, hoofed, winged or whiskered, are the subject matter. Animal sounds, so appealing to children, naturally prompt imitation and provide abundant active listening and vocal play material. And in the context of moving like animals we are easily able to focus on movement concepts such as high, low, smooth, bumpy, fast, and slow. In Fiddle-dee-dee families will be treated to an ample and diverse collection of music. In addition to the variety of stringed instruments, many cultures are also represented as well as a variety of genres including classical recordings and traditional folk songs and rhymes. Home materials: Double CD featuring songs from class; two books—At My House and Cookies, two Home CDs, stir xylophone instrument, and a Home Activity Book—all arriving in a durable lunch bag.

Fall 2016: Milk & Cookies (Sept 7th – Dec. 17th)   Imagine the aroma of baking cookies, the coziness of the family kitchen, the chatter among family and the anticipation and excitement of having friends come to visit. These moments at home are times to be shared and treasured. Also, Milk & Cookies help to make everyday home activities and chores easier and more fun with music! Cook and sing to “The Muffin Man”; dust and clean to the original song “In My House”; get ready to wash clothes to the delightful poem “Washing Machine”. Baking cookies, eating cupcakes, blowing on hot cross buns, wiggling like jelly, going grocery shopping and making tea are all represented in familiar as well as new songs. Move, play, and sing together in developmentally appropriate activities created just for your young child. Capture the familiar and new moments of the day and learn how music can impact your toddler. Home materials: Double CD featuring songs from class; two books—At My House and Cookies, two Home CDs, stir xylophone instrument, and a Home Activity Book—all arriving in a durable lunch bag.