Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday!

What We Do

Having Kindermusik at your child’s birthday party is unique and exciting. We are experts when it comes to including a fabulous fun-filled birthday party activity at your child’s party. We provide forty-five minutes of structured, interactive musical activities. These incorporate creative movement, dancing, singing, role-play and lots of hands on instrument exploration. We bring shakers, bells, drums, scarves, and puppets to the party and make sure that your child and their friends have the time of their lives.


How It Works

We come to your home or location and bring, everything we need. All you need to do is provide a room clear of toys and food, in which parents and children can move about relatively freely. The space must have an electrical outlet (for the CD player we bring along), and be large enough for all in attendance to sit or stand in a circle.

We suggest that you begin the party with Kindermusik. It is best if food, toys, and gifts come out after we leave. We recommend having no more than 15 children. This type of party is best suited for children between 5 months and 6 years. For babies to 3 years, there must be one actively participating adult with each child.



Having Kindermusik at your child’s birthday parties costs $170 and is payable by check on the day of the party.

To schedule, or if you have any questions, please call: 916-554-7658 or email


What Parents Say

I have my daughter in a weekly Kindermusik class, and this year I decided to have a Kindermusik party for her 3rd birthday. All of the children (and parents) LOVED IT! My daughter was thrilled to have a music-themed party, and I was thrilled because having a Kindermusik segment was a little different than anything I’d done before. She loved picking out her favorite songs and sharing them with her friends. One of her favorites is “Dust, Dust, Dust”. Imagine a music role-play, with 13 children dusting my living room, all with big, bright scarves, and even bigger, brighter smiles! Or 13 sad faces when we sang and acted out not being able to find the car keys – and the sheer elation on their faces when they found them!! It was great to see all of the kids participating, sharing, singing, dancing and having so much fun with the music. I HIGHLY recommend the Kindermusik party experience.

Jennifer, Mother of Mackenzie age 3



Kindermusik was the perfect birthday activity for my 2 year old. Before the session started, the children were getting very restless. However, once the Kindermusik activity started, all of the children came together – dancing, playing instruments and doing other musical activities. As a mom with 7 little ones to entertain, it was wonderful to have a structured, fun activity where children and parents could participate together and have a great time!

Anamarie, Mother of 2 boys, ages 10 months and 2 years



Simply Fantastic! That’s how I’d describe having Kindermusik being a part of my twin daughters’ birthday party. I didn’t know how I was going to entertain fifteen 2-year-olds … but as it turned out, Kindermusik was the highlight of the day! Every child had a fabulous time becoming a part of the “show”. Kindermusik provided the music, the instruments and the fun! There was never a dull moment – not only did all the kids have a ball – but I won ‘brownie points’ for having the best birthday party of the year!

Sandra, Mother of 2-year old twins, Sacramento



Our twins had a Kindermusik party for their third birthday. It was by far the best birthday party we have thrown. All of the kids had a great time and every child participated in singing, dancing and playing instruments almost instantly. The best part however was seeing how much fun all of the kids and the parents were having. I would recommend a Kindermusik party to kids of all ages.

Laura and Jay, Parents of 3-year old twins, Sacramento