Imagine That

  • Age Range:  3.5 to 5.5 years without parent
  • Class Structure: Once a week for 16 weeks
  • Class Length: 45 minute class each week
  • Tuition: $300 for 16 weeks – payment plans available see schedule (incl. home materials)
Imagine That Tressa-on_white_for_webenroll
time_for_music_divider_dotsImagine That! classes Use the power of music to tap into preschoolers’ creative spirit and boundless energy. Focus on developing their learning strengths and self-confidence so they’ll be ready for school, prepared for future music lessons…or able to leap tall buildings. What you and your child will experience in class

Variety of Music -Musical diversity promotes creativity and acceptance, and builds strong neural networks in a baby’s forming mind. In class you will listen, sing and move to songs, rhymes and sounds from all around the world.

Instrument Play – Exploration promotes intrigue and independence. In Village classes, children play with age appropriate, child-safe instruments that deepen their natural sense of rhythm. This helps develop a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sounds, and encourages spontaneity and creativity.

Dance – A classroom full of babies and parents (or care givers) dancing together with their child, helps a little body develop the muscle strength needed to crawl and walk and helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

Together Time – A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of “quality time,” offering the parent a place to create special memories with their child, gain new insights into their child’s development and nurture their child’s natural love of music.

Story Time and Early Literacy – Listening to stories enhances language and speech development, fosters awareness of sounds, stimulates fantasy and imagination, and encourages a child’s natural love of stories.

Learn more about the theme of the current and upcoming sessions

Winter 2016:  Welcome to Imagine That! Toys I Make, Trips I Take. (Jan 6 – Apr 23) This unit provides the following: The child blossoms and is affirmed as creator, world traveler, and storyteller. The globe can be traversed in a day and the child’s creative and adventurous spirit is engaged in the classroom and at home with toy making and trip taking. The Kindermusik educator is ready with themes and activities that encourage a truly child-centered class experience. The Kindermusik parent gets a closer look at the interests and fascinations of his or her child.  Home Materials: Pretend Play Manipulative Component, Literature Component, Kindermusik Drum, Family Activity Book, Two Home CDs.

Fall 2015:  See What I Saw!  Welcome to  Imagine That! See What I Saw! – A unit that attempts to define the essence of: the Imagine That! child, immersed in exploration and eager to tell of his discoveries; the Imagine That! parent, constantly surprised and delighted by the emerging uniqueness of her child; and the Imagine That! educator, dedicated to and tooled to observe each child with a thoughtful eye and heart to celebrate those extraordinary events as well as the quieter but equally grand subtleties that define this wonderful age.  Home Materials: 1 pretend play manipulative component, 2 literature components, 1 clatterpillar, 1 family activity book, 2 home CDs, 1 Imagine That! backpack.