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About Music and My Child

For more than a decade, the Sacramento-based Music and My Child studio has brought music to the lives of thousands of children through the array of Kindermusik programs.    Our efforts are guided by a defined set of principles. We believe that all children are innately and naturally connected to their musicality. We assert that a dynamic music-enrichment experience, introduced as early as possible, has a profound effect on a child’s cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social, language and physical development. The impact that this has on a child is life long.Our commitment is to provide an environment that is loving, programs that are dynamic, fun and developmentally appropriate, and an experience that allows children to flourish.We believe that a parent or loving caregiver is a child’s first and most important teacher, and we provide the tools and guidance for you to support your child in creating a lifelong love of music.Our commitment is that every child we teach has a positive and joyful experience with music, and that they leave our classes feeling great about themselves.Want to learn more about our classes? Visit our video page

About Us

About Our Director

Leslie Margetich was born and raised in Sacramento, CA.  While growing up, music was always present in her home singing with family and friends.  Later on in life Leslie joined and sang in her church choir.  Coming from a large family she has forever been surrounded by children.  Because of this, and raising a son of her own, Leslie understands the joyous benefits and importance that constructive playing and singing brings to the lives of children.  So, as she sought a new career path, Kindermusik was a natural fit.  It combines her love for singing and passion to contribute to the positive development of children.

As a parent, educator and entrepreneur, Leslie brings a unique vibrance and high level of energy that keeps children captivated and fully engaged. Leslie has been a licensed Kindermusik Instructor since 2009 and has since gone from Instructor to Owner/Instructor because she believes so strongly in the Kindermusik program and the benefits it affords. The following quote sums up her feelings on music and its place in our lives:

“That is why we teach music. Not because we expect you to major in music; not because we expect you to play or sing in the world’s finest orchestra, band, or choir; but so that you will be human, so you will recognize beauty, so you will understand sensitivity, so you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world, so you will have something to cling to, so you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good, more life. Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?”

J. Nick Nespoli

Her goal as a Kindermusik educator is to help nurture the magic of music and imagination in each child and their families in a safe and lively environment that ultimately builds a healthier world.  She is married to her wonderful husband Greg,  they have one adult son and two very spoiled dogs!


“Leslie provides a warm environment for my children at Kindermusik. With her kind and soothing voice she describes each portion of the class directly to the children. Her energetic spirit and passion shines through in class as she dances around. She supports and encourages the children be free to express their individual personalities.”

Denyce, Mother of Madison and Davis