Refer a Friend



How To Refer A Friend

It is very common for families who participate in our programs to refer other family members or friends. In fact, over the years, the Music and My Child studio has grown steadily as a result of this happening.

As such, we now offer a Referral Incentive to those who contribute to our growth and refer others to our Kindermusik Studio. The program is very simple. When you refer a friend, who then enrolls their child in any of our classes, we will provide you with a $25 “Thank you” credit if they enroll in an 8 week session, or a $50 credit for a 16 week session. You are free to determine how you wish to use this credit. If you prefer, you can pass it on to the family you referred or use it towards your own Kindermusik tuition.

Here’s how it works. Just click on the Referral Card link at the bottom of this page. Print out the form (which consists of 4 Referral Cards) and hand one of the cards to the family member or friend you would like to refer. At the time they enroll, they will give us the completed Referral Card. We will then provide you with either a $25 or $50 credit toward your tuition!

Refer a Friend